Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department conserves the state's fish and wildlife resources by protecting habitat, implementing species management plans, informing and educating the public, and performing basic research. The Fish and Wildlife Department central office staff oversees daily administrative activities, including fiscal control, hunting, fishing and trapping license distribution, access development, public affairs, and federal aid.

The department is currently staffed by about 125 individuals working out of seven offices and five fish culture facilities. The job duties of these men and women include such things as collecting fish and wildlife population data, protecting important wildlife habitat, raising fish for Vermont’s fisheries, enforcing laws, developing educational materials and providing public service through the mail and over the phone. The department maintains 156 fishing access areas and 85 wildlife management areas for public access -- totaling more than 133,000 acres. Our two youth conservation camps educate the next generation of Vermont’s conservationists each summer. The department's annual budget totals approximately $25 million dollars which is primarily funded by user-based fees such as license and excise taxes on gasoline and on hunting and fishing equipment.

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Montpelier, Vermont