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Easton, MD, USA

RETAY USA is the North American strategy and market development company handling all North American and South American brand and product development for Retay Arms of Konya Turkey.

In addition to strategy development and deployment, RETAY USA handles all aspects of specific marketing and brand development within the United States, as well as providing the logistics associated with import, distribution, and warranty service for the RETAY brand within the United States.

RETAY USA is a fast growing and dynamic company that embraces the outdoor and hunting culture represented by our products and our advertising. Outdoors people first, we pride ourselves on developing product offerings that satisfy the specific needs of the outdoor and hunting enthusiast in the Americas. 

Our headquarters is located in Easton, Maryland on the banks of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in the waterfowl hunting capital of the Mid-Atlantic. The area is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise with world class hunting, fishing and watersports of all kinds and are just a stone's throw in all directions. 

Easton is located about an hour and thirty minutes from our nation's capital Washington DC, and just 45 Minutes From Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland respectively. Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, and several Atlantic beach destinations are within an hour or two's drive. 

Our international partner company RETAY ARMS has established a solid reputation worldwide with innovative designs, quality craftsmanship and industry leading products.It remains our central mission to promote our future growth by manufacturing the best, most beautiful, and highest quality firearms in the world.

Their products are designed and manufactured using the most sophisticated modern techniques, machines and materials available. We employ a dynamic, skilled workforce including talented teams of designers, engineers, and craftsmen who take pride in producing world class products for our customers to enjoy. Delivering the highest quality products to our customers is our top priority.

Their commitment to high quality standards is achieved by implementing strict, industry leading quality control processes that involve rigorous production oversight and regular interval testing during all phases of the manufacturing process.

All of their manufacturing, production and assembly processes are completed “in house” at their state of the art headquarters facility in the beautiful city of Konya, located in central Turkey.

Housing the executive leadership, design department and manufacturing under the same roof gives RETAY total control over the quality of their products and it offers them the ability to quickly respond to the needs of customers worldwide. 

RETAY management promotes a company culture that emphasizes innovation and we strive to develop products that are based on the desires and needs of our consumers.

RETAY values our mutual customers and seeks ways to engage them in the development of new products that provide the highest level of value to them.