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SA Company

Boca Raton, FL, USA

SA Company was founded in 2014 by Thomas Desernia (Forbes 30 under 30) who grew up fishing, boating, and hiking in South Florida. While in dental school, Thomas had a simple yet game-changing idea to create a modern outdoor apparel company that used advanced fabrics and bold designs at a price and value that appealed to all consumers who enjoy outdoor activities. SA Company's flagship product is the Face Shield™ that can be worn 10 different ways and are lightweight, UPF30+, moisture wicking, breathable and provide protection from all the elements (sun, wind, insects, cold). SA Company's design catalogue has expanded beyond the multi-use Face Shield™ to include clothing (many with UPF blocking fabric), accessories, pet accessories, headwear and more across men, women, and children. SA Company is a worldwide brand due in part to a thriving social media community of over 5 million strong and sales in over 100 countries. SA Company is one of the fastest-growing digital disruptors but one thing remains the same, every SA Company product was designed by outdoor enthusiasts for fellow outdoor enthusiasts and each product is priced to provide maximum value and accessibility for all consumers.