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Rather Outdoors

Our story — like just about all of our favorite stories — starts on the water.

Most of us grew up as anglers, raised by anglers. From the very beginning we knew the names. When we were finally tall enough to use the rods our parents “lent” us, they said Lew’s on the side. The tackle came in bright yellow boxes with the old Strike King logo that looked a little bit like a keyhole. When other kids put posters of Camaros and space shuttles on their walls, we had boats, rods, reels, and fish.

At first, we connected with brands and with experiences. When we got a little older and started buying our own equipment, we found a home in the industry itself. From the shop that sold us our first rod to the pros that showed us how it’s done, the fishing business is never “just business.” It’s a community, a culture, and a family.

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to dedicate our careers to protecting and nurturing the legendary brands we grew up with. 

We believe that everyone should be able to experience nature the way we do — with the right equipment, made with passion and sold with truth.

Our mission is to protect and respect the world’s greatest outdoor brands.

And it’s our privilege to pass them on to future generations stronger than when we found them. 

With a decades-long legacy in angling as our cornerstone, we will carve out an enduring future for the legendary brands in our family. 

And in so doing, we'll create a legend of our own that can stand alongside them.