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Fishpond Inc.

Denver, CO, USA

Fishpond is a category leader in the outdoor industry and strives to be a company that is not only defined by the innovative products it designs, but by the values for which we stand. As a certified B Corp, the first in the fly fishing industry, we are inspired by the outside. We are a company that values the journey getting to our destination almost as much as our time on the water and in the outdoors.

We are a Colorado company with the heartbeat born in the shadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Our vision is clear, and the headwaters here that lead to the oceans inspire the creativity and joyful pursuit to craft the most functional fly fishing and outdoor products in the world. We are 21 years young and the ideals of creativity that Fishpond was founded upon have not wavered since our first products entered the market.

We give a damn. Fishpond encourages every person to engage in a cause that makes a difference. As we have grown as a brand, it has become very clear that our mission and goals as a business would be empty of spirit and soul without a clear direction of also creating a company that defines not just our responsibility, but our obligation, to help create a sustainable planet through clean water, healthy habitat, and open and wild places for species to thrive.

Fishpond products are as much about art as they are about function. A devotion to art and creativity is what drives the spirit of Fishpond through the products we craft.