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Springwood Forest School

Camano Island, Camano, WA, USA

ABOUT SPRINGWOOD FOREST SCHOOL                                           


  • Licensed Outdoor Preschool and Elementary Age Forest School.

  • We operate in a beautiful outdoor classroom nestled in a forested park on Camano Island.


  • We embrace the weather and the opportunities it provides, relying on carefully selected gear and policies to stay comfortable and engaged in our year-round program.


  • Our small, mixed-age group of children connects with the environment as they build important skills, and create friendships rooted in trust and respect.


  • We foster a qualified team of teachers who strengthen our program with a commitment to high standards in early childhood education.


  • We empower teachers by providing a balance of autonomy and mentorship in a nature-based and reflective teaching practice.


  • Candidates of varying educational backgrounds, cultural identities, abilities, and needs are encouraged to apply.