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Ani-Logics Outdoors

1525 Bioscience Drive, Worthington, MN, USA

THE ORIGINAL DEER SCIENCE EXPERTS! The EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease) outbreaks of 2012 spurred the team at Ani-Logics™ to take a scientific approach to deer feed development. Efforts began to create a deer feed solution to address the disease challenges facing whitetails. With over 70 years of experience in the animal health and nutrition industries, Ani-Logics Outdoors® brings its unique expertise to the science of deer feeding. With a vast knowledge and impressive range of experiences in animal nutrition, animal vaccine laboratories, and veterinary clinics; the company’s founders possess an unparalleled edge in the making of scientifically beneficial deer feed and supplements. 

Ani-Logics Outdoors® continues to strive for quality and excellence in their products. Ongoing laboratory research and field-testing along with the development of new and improved products mean that Ani-Logics™ is a company committed to providing customers; better products and solutions with superior results, and service after the sale is a top priority.