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Andrew Skurka Adventures

Boulder, CO, USA

I offer learning-intensive and adventure-filled backpacking courses and trips. Since 2011 I have managed 168 trips with about 1,300 total clients.

To help me lead and instruct, I have assembled a world-class guide team. We are true backpacking experts, and specialize in modern gear and technique, long-distance thru-hiking, mountain high routes, and off-trail travel.

Our goal is to empower clients with skills and knowledge so that they can be self-sufficient in the wilderness, lead our group, and undertake future trips of their own. We also like to have fun, make new hiking friends, and expand our comfort zones.

We have trips for beginner, intermediate, and advanced backpackers. Then we sub-divide these groups in five fitness levels (low through extreme) so that they hike at about the same pace and need breaks of similar frequency and length.