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Lid Rig

Littleton, CO, USA

Lid Rig - Magnetic Nipper System

Here's why we think this product is going to be a game changer:

- Always have your nippers at hand, regardless of what hat, pack, waders, shirt, shorts etc. you have on.

- Magnets keep your nippers securely in place, and when you're ready to put them to work they are quickly accessible and ready to go. Bonus round: these securely attach to your drift boat, vehicle, etc. for even more easy access!

- Are you an old school lanyard type? No problem, the nippers come equipped with a lanyard attachment point just for you.

- The design doesn't require springs.  The nippers are held open by magnetic force eliminating the need for springs and other hardware.

- No more replacement blades that fall out, get rusted and stripped fasteners, come out of alignment, and dull easily.

- And just to sweeten the deal, the magnetic clip has a hook/nipper/knife sharpener and a built in bottle opener for your favorite beverage.

- Equipped with a hook eyelet poker that is sharp and convenient to access, but neatly tucked out of the way.

- Cut braid? You bet!