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About Kreft Moto

Kreft Moto is a nationwide motorcycle suspension tuning service, WP Authorized Center, and performance products manufacturer. We specialize in KTM and Husqvarna dirt bikes, and are best known for products that replace OEM damper components with ones that offer better performance, adjustability, or both (such as Revalve Control).

Racer X Magazine recently tested Kreft Moto suspension and concluded: "The best suspension I've ever ridden...I'm blown away." 

About CushCore

CushCore is the originator and market leader in performance mountain bike tire inserts. The product is installed inside a standard tubeless tire and fills about half the internal tire volume. It works in concert with air inflation to better absorb shock, damp vibration, and maintain cornering stability. For these reasons, the CushCore insert is nicknamed the “inner-tire suspension system.”

In 2017, CushCore earned “Product of the Year” from Vital MTB.  Since then, the technology has become dominant among professional mountain bike riders, including 2019 UCI World Cup Champion Loic Bruni, and been adopted by tens of thousands of recreational riders worldwide.