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Brothers & Company Announces Promotions

Brothers & Company Announces Promotions

TULSA, Okla. — Brothers & Company announced today that it has promoted several team members to new leadership roles within the agency’s creative disciplines. Heath Kennedy has accepted a new role as VP of Insights; Jon Bash and Reagan Renfroe are now co-directors of the SPR (social public relations) department; Tyler Raye will be joining them as Creative Manager; and Mackenzie Medders is the newest full-time Producer in the Brothers & Company video department.

Kennedy, who has served in both account service and creative leadership positions during his time at Brothers & Company, makes a move to lead the LABS department. BroCo LABS handles all primary research, data analytics and strategic insights for clients. His experience as an account lead, creative, and digital strategist make him uniquely equipped to drive integration of data across all agency departments.

Bash & Renfroe have spent years managing the digital and PR presence of some of the agency’s largest national brands and look to leverage their expertise in strategy, content creation, influencer management, public relations, and social media in their new leadership positions.

The pair is equally comfortable executing PR plans on the battlegrounds of industry trade shows as they are, camera-in-hand, capturing stories for brands like Under Armour, Moultrie, Summit Treestands, Mustad Fishing, and more.

Coming alongside the new SPR Directors, Raye has quickly become a benchmark for creative storytelling and quick-turn content creation. In his new role, he’ll serve as the DP/Editor lead for SPR specific video projects and day-to-day lead for content creation. In a digital environment of ever-changing consumptive habits, Raye constantly sources new creative perspectives and treatments to develop industry-leading work.

In the video department, Medders’ bulletproof focus to elevate both internal and high- profile client work will allow her to serve as the primary keeper of project workflows and cross-department execution of video production.

Medders is as good a fit professionally as she is personally. Her ability to champion her department’s team members, with no sacrifice to client service, shows both in the quality of the final product and the morale of those who work alongside her.

About Brothers & Company

Brothers & Company is a full-service marketing communications firm headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a second office in Wichita, Kansas. The firm has a diversified list of clients across the country and is an industry leading marketing communications company building brands in the outdoor recreation, industrial and passion sports sectors. For more information, please visit


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