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RubLine Marketing Hires Vander Veen

RubLine Marketing Hires Vander Veen

RubLine Marketing is proud to announce the addition of Reid Vander Veen to the agency’s team. Vander Veen brings wealth of knowledge and experience to the team in all areas of marketing including both strategic and tactical leadership. Vander Veen has led the marketing efforts for organizations of all sizes including everything from small startups to global, multi-division technology firms.

“Reid is a powerhouse of a marketer that is always full of surprises. He has a mind that operates on another level,” says Chase Rohlfsen, president at RubLine Marketing. “Combine his experience as a marketing leader and strategic director with his level of creativity, digital knowledge, and writing capability you have something special. He’s known as the Swiss Army Knife of the office because he does so many things so well. He’s played a quiet but significant role in the background of many of our client’s success stories. We’re very lucky to have Reid on the team, and our clients will definitely benefit from his added presence within the RubLine family.

Vander Veen lives on an Aronia berry farm in South Dakota with his wife and three children. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting pheasants, whitetail, elk and other big game. Reid holds a Masters degree in marketing and also teaches undergrad and graduate level marketing and sales courses at the University of Sioux Falls.

Get to know Reid by following him on Facebook @ReidVanderVeen or on Instagram @ReidOutside.

About RubLine Marketing

RubLine Marketing is a strategic marketing agency with roots deep in the outdoors. The agency helps organizations design, develop and execute marketing plans tailored for the specific results each client is seeking. Combining the most modern marketing tactics with years of strategic business development, RubLine Marketing is able to offer something truly unique to their customers. Whether it’s large scale media planning, brand launch, public relations, growing a presence on digital and social media channels, supporting retail, creative planning, or graphic design and promotions, RubLine Marketing has what you need to take your company’s marketing efforts to the next level.

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